Roles, Responsibilities & Relationships (R3) Mapping

In today’s highly global, technological and dynamic marketplace, the relationships we establish and how we cultivate them become driving factors in the success of our organizations.


In today’s highly global, technological and dynamic marketplace, the relationships we establish and how we cultivate them become driving factors in the success of our organizations. Over the past 30 years we have discovered, that some of the greatest challenges that organizations experience are grounded in both communications and a clear understanding of the part that each of us play in our team and organization. While capturing individual roles and responsibilities may help address some of these challenges, it doesn’t resolve the most critical aspect. This requires identifying and understanding the nature of the relationships required between those roles, both internally and externally, in order to achieve optimum results for your team. Overcoming those challenges can be realized rapidly by applying Shackleton Group’s R3 process. This approach will not only capture key roles and responsibilities but will guarantee associated relationships critical to those positions, are clearly identified publicized and understood by the team, ensuring their effective contribution to the organization’s ultimate success.

What is R3?

Roles, Responsibilities, Relationships

One of the most critical elements to the effective functioning of any organization is a clear understanding of the key roles, their associated responsibilities and the critical relationships required for each role to be executable. In order to optimize your organization’s effectiveness, two primary categories of relationships must be considered: intra-­operability and inter-­operability.

Intra‐operability: Describes those relationships between key functions and roles internal to the organization required for execution.

Inter-­operability: Describes those relationships between key roles and functions of the organization and critical external agencies required to execute and sustain the organization.

R3 is the organization’s template that identifies and describes each key role and its relationship to other key roles within the organization as well as those key external entities and agencies. R3 is manifested in diagrams that illustrate the two-­way communications between those roles and describes the nature of the relationship from the perspective of each.

Developing R3

Each  team  identified  as  requiring  R3  capture  within  the  organization,  needs  to  be  effectively facilitated through the capture of R3 and the development of their associated R3 Diagrams.  The  following  model  describes  the  process  for  development  of  organizational R3:

R3 Diagrams

R3 Diagrams  provide  an  illustration  of  the  key  organizational  relationships  and  act  as,  among other things, a map for each individual and department in the organization on who  they  have  or  should  have  a  relationship  with  both  internally  and  externally. The  Diagrams below are examples of the different types of R3 diagrams that can be developed  in  an  organization. It  is  important  to  note,  that  each  diagram  is  tailored  specifically to the organization in order to ensure that it supports the their key objectives and is aligned with it’s culture.

R3 Inter diagrams like this one reflect the complexity and volume of relationships that need to be identified and managed in order to achieve organizational success. In order to effectively cultivate these relationships, it is critical to identify and capture them so that they can be articulated to the entire organization. This ensures that all members of the team are aware of the relationships they must have and manage, in order to execute their tasks and meet their objectives. Additionally it allows them to identify relationships that are absent but need to be established.

Return on Investment (ROI)


  • Expands Market
  • Expands Network

Rapid Response

  • Improves bottom line Cost & Profit
  • Enables rapid decision making by allowing teams to exercise authority at appropriate level

Innovation & Initiative

  • Promotes initiative and innovative thinking

Clear lines of communication

  • Identifies who your team needs to be communicating with and why
  • Replaces confusing and cumbersome “communications plans”
  • Validates and clarifies for everyone the legitimate decision making authority associated with each role in the organization

Sets & Manages Expectations

  • Clearly defined roles, responsibilities and relationships are the most powerful tools for setting and managing expectations within the organization.
  • Resolves the #1 & #2 complaints of most ORGANIZATIONS:
    • “Communications don’t work in our organization”
    • “I don’t know what is expected of me in my job”


  • Provides clear understanding of the limits and boundaries of and between key roles
  • Clarifies when and where it may be appropriate to delegate authority

Bolsters Organizational Strategy

  • Validates structure and workforce manning by clearly identifying roles and responsibilities, and what the internal and external relationships should be in order to support organizational strategy

Eliminates Waste

  • Reduces costs
  • Identifies gaps and redundancies in strategy, structure, available workforce skill sets and organizational processes.

Experienced R3 Facilitators

  • ROI of R3 is maximized when developed using our experienced facilitators

Shackleton Group, Inc.

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