Rapid Response Planning

For  decades  the  United  States  Marine  Corps  has  applied  the  concept  of  Rapid  Response  Planning  and  Execution  with  enormous  operational success. Recognizing  the  need  for  a  force  that  is  postured  and  ready  to respond  anywhere,  anytime,  and  to  a  variety  of  circumstances  on  short  notice, the Marines developed several specific mission templates that can be executed globally  by  any  of  their  teams  with  predictable  and  definitive  results.


For  decades  the  United  States  Marine  Corps  has  applied  the  concept  of  Rapid  Response  Planning  and  Execution  with  enormous  operational success. Recognizing  the  need  for  a  force  that  is  postured  and  ready  to respond  anywhere,  anytime,  and  to  a  variety  of  circumstances  on  short  notice, the Marines developed several specific mission templates that can be executed globally  by  any  of  their  teams  with  predictable  and  definitive  results. Companies, government agencies, sports teams, and a host of other organizations can realize similar results  not  only  in  averting  a  potential  crisis, but  more  importantly  capitalizing  on  extraordinary opportunities by anticipating and then preparing for them. Ensuring your organization’s  ability  to  respond  rapidly  and  effectively  mandates  an  established  and  proven plan.  Shackleton Group provides a team of experienced Marine Corps Officers who  have  extensive  experience  successfully  exercising  these  concepts  in  a  host  of  challenging  environments  to  include  the  military,  commercial  companies  and government agencies.  As consultants they are well versed in the art of Rapid Response Facilitation  and  will  ensure  your  team  successfully  identifies,  evaluates  and  ultimately  establishes your own organizational Rapid Response Plan.

Why Rapid Response?

History  has  proven  with  absolute  certainty  that  all  businesses  encounter  the  unexpected. The opportunities born of uncertainty can be seized and capitalized upon if you  have  the  right  plans  in  place  and  have  developed  the  ability  to  respond.      Few  Marine  Corps  units  deploy  with  advance  knowledge  of  what  they  will  encounter  on  a deployment,  but  their  diligent  preparation  and  use  of  well‐developed  rapid  response  plans  warrant  their  certain  victory  in  uncertain  times. Investing  the  effort  now  to develop  effective  rapid  responses  not  only  promotes  long-term  survival,  but  also  the  ability to gain a competitive advantage. Rapid Response Planning can ensure that your business  leaders  are  prepared  to  mitigate unforeseen  costs, and  are  poised  to  swiftly  capitalize on market growth or new revenue opportunities. While your competition is reacting to the unexpected by deciding what to do, you are responding.  Plan, train and organize your approach the way Marines do, and you can be “The Most Ready” in your market space.

The Shackleton Group Approach

The interaction that occurs between you and our experienced team involves a high level of  participation that  incorporates  your  existing  expertise  into  highly  effective  and  tailored  rapid  response  plans. Our  approach  to  facilitation  inspires  our  clients  to develop  and  execute  plans  that  build  upon  their  strengths,  reinforce  success,  and  mitigate risks of an uncertain market place.

What is Rapid Response?

Rapid Response

Decisive  and  timely  execution  of  a  preplanned  response  to  rapidly  deploy  the  assets  and resources required to capitalize on an opportunity, or avert a critical challenge or potential crisis.

Rapid Response Planning Process (R2P2)

Developing  the  capability,  and  a  published  and  tested  plan  to  respond  instantly  to  critical  circumstances  allowing  you  to  prepare  for  capitalizing  on  opportunities,  or averting a critical challenge or potential crisis.

Developing the Capability

Your team needs to be effectively facilitated through the development of R2P2 and the establishment of an organizational Rapid Response Plan. Those steps include:

Identify Requirements

Identifying the requirements for Rapid response in your organization.

  • Identify organization with need
  • Meet with leadership
  • Identify potential critical response issues & potential opportunities
  • Communicate approach
  • Confirm commitment to approach

Establishing Development Team

Establish a development team with the organization’s required subject matter experts.

  • Identify Subject Matter Experts
  • Convene the team
  • Communicate need and duration

Develop Processes

Develop the rapid response processes by defining the actions required to capitalize on opportunities and avert crises.

  • Detail potential critical responses
  • Identify actions/tasks to mitigate
  • Identify actions/tasks to capitalize
  • Identify objective of the response process
  • Capture Process
  • Identify supporting tools/templates
  • Publish Draft Process

Test Processes

Test the processes to ensure they achieve their desired objective, train your people to implement, and rehearse them periodically to maintain their currency.

  • Assign execution team
  • Assign leadership monitors
  • Execute dry run
  • Debrief and refine processes as required
  • Publish final processes and notify organization
  • Execute periodic rehearsal

Execute Rapid Response

Execute pre-­established plan as required

Executing Rapid Response

Once  you  have  developed  and  established  the  Rapid  Response  Plan,  and  then  trained  and assigned RRP teams to the plan, you then have the capability to implement the decisive and timely execution of your preplanned, published and tested response at a moment’s  notice  providing  you  the  capability  to  rapidly  deploy  assets  and  resources  required to capitalize on an opportunities or avert a critical challenge or potential crisis.

Keys to Success

Leadership commitment

Commitment to the development process, and allowing the assigned development team the time and resources to develop, test and establish the plan

Subject Matter Expertise

Providing  the  subject  matter  expertise  required  from  within  your  organization  to identify the appropriate action plan and processes to respond to the opportunities or crises


In  order  to  successfully  implement  your  Rapid  Response  Plan,  the  development team needs to test and revise the processes as required to ensure they are executable when the time comes. Additionally, a Rapid Response Team needs to be assigned to that specific process, trained in the implementation of the process, and needs to exercise the process periodically to ensure that circumstances or the environment have not driven a need for modifications.

Timely Execution

By  its  very  definition,  the  Rapid  Response  Plan  or  individual  processes  need  to  be executed in a timely and deliberate manner. Part of the development process will ensure criteria are established defining what the optimum window is for execution.

Pre‐established published response process

Effective  Rapid  Response  (execution  of)  is  exclusively  dependent  on  the development of a profile, plan or process that has been pre‐established, practiced, fully vetted and published. Rapid response planning cannot be initiated when the circumstance, crisis or opportunity arises; it is too late. It is by design supposed to be in place and executable when the circumstances occur.

Proven development approach

This  Rapid  Response  Planning  Process  has  been  proven  time  and  time  again  in extremely diverse environments and dynamic circumstances. One of the keys to its success is the speed with which it can be developed, and the simplicity of its purpose and methodology. Its effectiveness is only strengthened by the existence of a toolbox consisting of predefined templates, tools, and processes that further enable rapid and efficient plan development.

Experienced Rapid Response Planning Facilitators

Facilitators with experience in diverse environments, and familiar with the approach and associated dynamics yield faster and more effective results in development of your Rapid Response Planning Process. Shackleton Group consultants are experienced Marine Officers who have applied these concepts and this approach in a  wide  variety  of  dynamic  environments,  from  the  military,  to  corporate,  to  government acquisition, sports clubs, and even non-­‐profit organizations. In addition to their experience, they bring with them the developed toolbox of necessary tools, processes,  templates  and  approaches  required  to  successfully  exercise  R2P2  in  almost any environment.

Communicate plan to organization

Once your Rapid Response Plan and associated processes are complete, it is critical that the organization as a whole understands that it exists, what it is intended to accomplish, and who is responsible for the execution of its various components.

Shackleton Group, Inc.

Shackleton  Group  offers  its  clients  a  tailored  approach  to  navigating  change  that  can  modify the very culture of your organization. We will help you develop an environment where high performance flourishes and employees excel because they are the architects of their own solutions. Shackleton Group will collaborate with your team and provide the  tools  necessary  to  harness  the  single  most  competitive  advantage  in  the  marketplace today: the focused, collective power of your people.

Shackleton Group Competencies

  • Consulting
  • Rapid Response
  • Professional Development
  • Training Systems Integration
  • Support

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