Organizational Surveys

The organizational survey is a tool that uses a time tested reliable online survey application (SurveyGold ®)that is customized to meet the intent of your survey and organization. The development, proctoring and assessment are highly collaborative where key members of your organization are involved in the development and final validation of the analysis of survey results.


Shackleton Group’s unique and tailored approach to organizational surveys ensures you get exactly the information you need to enhance executive decision-making.  Our approach to surveys not only collects the information required, but validates the raw data with a small survey team of experts before conducting any statistical analysis of the responses.  Shackleton Group rapidly provides a comprehensive report including statistical analysis of the responses, and recommended next steps for organizational development based on the results.  Planning, developing and executing surveys effectively will reveal whether you need to make adjustments to your organization to achieve your bottom line objectives.

Survey Initial Planning & Development

  • Capture purpose & objectives of survey
  • Establish small, cross-functional Survey Team (ST) of subject matter experts from within organization

Establish Information Requirements

  • Meet with ST to identify information required to satisfy purpose & objectives
  • Identify mandatory questions
  • Identify survey mechanism (phone interview, face-to-face, online, etc.)

Questionnaire Design & Development

  • Organize survey questions
  • Populate draft survey mechanism
  • Test, review & revise survey with ST
  • Obtain final survey approval

Survey Deployment

  • Notify respondents
  • Conduct survey
  • Terminate survey

Data Collection, Analysis & Reporing

  • Consolidate raw data and perform initial analysis
  • Convene ST and perform joint validation of survey results
  • Develop and submit final report and recommendations


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