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Designed  and  developed  by  a  core  team  of  former  Marine  Officers  with  extensive leadership  experience  in  a  wide  variety  of  environments  and  circumstances,  this development  program  focuses  on  cultivating  a  sustainable  and  enduring  leadership culture throughout your organization.


Providing leadership training for your people can be a significant investment in time and money.  To gain the most from that investment, executive leaders must provide leadership development that is focused on the good of  the  organization,  and  then  advocate  for  those  leadership  concepts  by  engaging  in planned  follow up  activities  that  bolster  what  their  people  are  learning.  The Organizational Leadership Development Program removes the typically wasteful “check in the box”  approach  to  leadership  training  and  replaces  it  with  a  leadership development program that can modify the very culture of your organization.

Critical  to  development  of  the  concepts  in  this  program  is  our  network  of  corporate executives and  leaders,  captains of  industry,  government program managers, Olympic coaches, military  leaders  and  business  consultants  that  our  team  reaches  out  to  for insights  and  feedback.   Woven  throughout  the  fabric  of  this  program  is  Shackleton Group’s years of organizational development experience, combined with and validated by the aspects of leadership that those experts believed are essential to the success of any organization.

Investment in the Organization

Developing current and future leaders is critical to the success and growth of any organization. This program focuses on identifying, learning and imbuing the organization with those essential leadership concepts that can truly make a difference in posturing for success. Your expectations from this program should include:

  • Rapid & Adaptable Thinking
  • Increased Performance & Proficiency
  • Improved Accountability
  • Competency Alignment with Program Vision
  • Teamwork & Ownership
  • Innovation & Cost Effectiveness
  • Effective Influence with Internal & External Relationships
  • Intuitive Decision Making
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Cross IPT Communications
  • Expectation Alignment
  • Trust, Loyalty & Morale
  • Accelerated Career Growth

Organizational Leadership Development Program (OLDP)

Cultivating a culture of organizational leadership is a commitment that requires more than just training, it’s one that requires a sustainable and ongoing plan. The Organizational Leadership Development Program is a plan that provides leaders a framework for ensuring that organizational leadership becomes a part of their culture.

The OLDP consist of four elements:

  1. Leadership Advocacy Workshop (LAW)
  2. Organizational Leadership Course (OLC)
  3. Organizational Leadership Course Plus (OLC+)
  4. Leadership Advocacy in Action (LAIA)

Leadership Advocacy Workshop (LAW)

A 2-hour workshop for all executive leaders in an organization. This workshop describes the Organizational Leadership Development Program (OLDP) and what distinguishes it from typical “check-in-the-box” training. It is highly interactive and focused primarily on how best to advocate for and help cultivate a culture of leadership within an organization. Workshop activities include discussions around individual experiences, the experiences of other successful leaders, and techniques for coaching and mentoring. Additionally, executive leaders will develop plans of action to better establish the desired culture of leadership in their own organization. While this workshop on its own can provide valuable insights and techniques for any leader, it is especially powerful for executives whose people might take the Organizational Leadership Course (OLC) by preparing those executives to respond to and support team members after they complete the course.

Organizational Leadership Course (OLC)

A 15 hour course, the OLC is designed mainly to target mid-level managers who have leadership experience, and can benefit from learning leadership areas of focus that can give them, their team, and their organization the greatest return on investment/biggest bang for the buck. Most importantly, what leadership approaches will give them the highest probability of achieving the organization’s desired results. We often hear from our participants that this is a course not just for middle managers, but for executive leaders as well.

Additionally, the OLC provides tools and insights that allow participants to look at principles of Organizational Development from their perspective and role as a leader that are adaptable and scalable to any organization or circumstances regardless of their mission or size.

Organizational Leadership Course Plus (OLC+)

OLC+ is a continuation of the commitment to advancing a culture of organizational leadership on your team. It is an optional selection of short workshops offered by the organization on a quarterly basis that advance the skills, tactics and techniques of leaders who have already completed the OLC.

Workshops include but are not limited to:

  • Facilitation Skills for Leaders (½ Day)
  • Coaching & Mentoring Techniques (½ Day)
  • Practical Techniques for Developing & Delivering Presentations (½ Day)
  • Ethics in Good Leadership (1 day)
  • Decision Making Under Stress (1½ Days)
  • Organizational Assessment & Development (½ Day)
  • Dealing with Conflict (½ Day)
  • Tailored Workshops (TBD)

Leadership Advocacy in Action (LAIA)

This step is the most critical of all the elements of the OLDP. This is the step that does the most to promote the concepts of the OLDP and its key elements through action and follow up in the plan they develop, the experiences they’ve learned, and the coaching and mentoring they provide their team members. When advocacy is put into action, both executive leaders and team members feel a much greater sense of obligation and accountability to one another and to the organization. The leadership action plan that each executive develops acts as a forcing function by setting the expectation that these concepts will be applied, and reminds team members that there will be follow up. These factors alone can help keep the team thinking about these things, and help create a leadership mindset across the organization.

Shackleton Group, Inc.

Shackleton Group offers its clients a tailored approach to navigating change that can modify the very culture of your organization. We help you develop an environment where high performance flourishes and employees excel because they are the architects of their own solutions. Shackleton Group collaborates with your team and provides the tools necessary to harness the single most competitive advantage in the marketplace today: the focused, collective power of your people.!

Shackleton Group Competencies

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  • Rapid Response
  • Professional Development
  • Training Systems Integration
  • Support

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  1. Ski

    Truly enjoyed your training session in Albany. At first I was skeptical that it would be the same “go team go” type training but after the first couple of hours you had me taking a hard look at the way I was doing business. Thanks for the great guidance and hopefully we can get you back here for additional training for our team. If you don’t mind can you send me the electronic version of the Pocket Checklist. Again, great training and Thanks! Ski

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