Facilitation Skills for Leaders


This workshop focuses on basic facilitation skills for leaders.  When learned and applied effectively, these skills can enable leaders to get the most out of any group who are meeting with a common purpose, whether it involves making a decision, solving a problem, or simply exchanging ideas and information.


The workshop does not cover everything facilitation, but rather focuses on those concepts and skills that are simple enough to understand and employ, and still have a significant, positive and immediate impact on a session’s outcome through the level of collaboration and synergy with which groups and teams conduct themselves.


To introduce leaders to fundamental facilitation skills that enable effective collaboration to get the most out of a group.


  • Understand the concept of facilitation and its value to an organization
  • Introduce and practice fundamental facilitation skills
  • Take  away  some  facilitation  concepts  that  can  immediately  be  applied  in  your organization

Workshop Construct

This workshop progressively builds through 4 lessons, in 4 hours of classroom work, and culminates with an opportunity to apply the concepts discussed by practicing facilitation skills in a small group environment. The four lessons are: Basic Definition of Facilitation, Introduction to Fundamentals, Application of Fundamentals, and Introduction to Other Resources.


A  successful  outcome  and  return  on  investment  from  this  workshop,  for  both  the  organization  and  the  participants,  are  predicated  on  the  following:    Participants  must understand that the true impact and value of this workshop is highly dependent on their focused engagement, participation and interactivity during the lessons and small group activities. Shackleton  Group  facilitators  will  guide  you  through  completion  of  the  learning objectives and the workshop material.

Participant Guide

Each participant will receive a Participant Guide containing all materials required for the workshop. The  PG  includes: a  complete  workshop  description, each  lesson’s  purpose  and  learning  objectives, in-­class  activity  guides  and  required  materials, links  to additional resources, additional reading, and ample space for note taking during class.

Shackleton Group, Inc.

Shackleton  Group  offers  its  clients  a  non-prescriptive  approach  to  navigating  change  that  can  modify  the  very  culture  of  your  organization. We  will  help  you  develop  an environment where high performance flourishes and employees excel because they are the architects of their own solutions. Shackleton Group will collaborate with your team and provide the necessary tools to harness the single most competitive advantage in the marketplace today: the focused, collective power of your people.

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