Professional Development

Shackleton Group offers several Professional Education “Events” to meet your organization’s needs. We have developed a series of workshops, classes and presentations allowing you to leverage off of our extensive experience in the fields of Leadership, Systems Engineering, Ethics, Government Acquisitions, Aviation, Management, Logistics and Organizational Development. Training can be customized to accommodate the requirements of either your organization as a whole or specific/individual venues like conferences, training sessions or team development including anything from short, thirty-minute gap fillers to three day, facilitated offsites. While Some examples of education and training are listed below, feel free to contact us for more information:

  • Motivational/Keynote Speaking
  • Ethics Workshop
  • Rapid Response Training (Crisis Management)
  • Customer Service Training
  • Organizational Development
  • Executive Leadership Development

Shackleton Group does not offer “team-building events”, but rather we help build teams through education, organizational development, and alignment. There are no blindfold faith drops, parlor tricks or three-legged races on our agenda, but your organization will emerge tighter, stronger and more focused on the importance of the collective achievement of your organization.