Training Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Assemble the best team, build the best components, deliver world-class training systems… BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER.

Shackleton Group takes a different approach than that of the large training system vendors. We utilize decades of teaming skill, design capabilities, and programmatic management to provide training systems integration management services to a carefully selected group of vendors. This team then collectively assembles high fidelity simulation capabilities with a greater capability, at a lower cost, in much less time epitomizing the philosophy of “better, faster, cheaper.”

Our collective energy is focused on continuous product improvement and adapting proven technological innovations at exponentially faster rates than large system vendors. Our strategy focuses on using proven Commercial Off the Shelf products when able, and applying a sound make/buy decision process to every simulation component. This strategy not only reduces risk and cost but also results in a significant improvement in quality. To ensure reductions in life cycle sustainment cost all products are delivered in an open architecture/non-propriety configuration.

Our staff of consultants has decades of experience in the design, development and acquisition of training systems for our clients. Our program managers are certified acquisition professionals and have successfully held multiple program management positions for multi-million dollar training system acquisitions. The companies we select to be part of our team are very experienced at training system development, have long-term relationships with Shackleton Group, and are all recognized as the best in industry at building key training system components.

Products and Services

Shackleton Group will tailor the products and services to your organization’s training systems needs and focus on the four following requirements:

  • Requirements Development
  • Architecture Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management

Program Startup Workshops

Strategic alignment from day one.

Shackleton Group’s Program Startup Workshop is designed to educate the attendees on effective program startup actions and to produce key program startup products post contract award. Our goals are to build an environment of trust, collaboration, teamwork and communication; and to establish the foundation to execute a successful project. We provide a team facilitator for the program startup workshop, and the agenda and a list of attendees shall be developed by a collaborative effort between key members of the organizations involved. Activities and products during the workshop may include:

  • indoctrination to the high performance team environment
  • reviewing/refining team foundational doctrine (mission, mission-oriented tasks, roles & responsibilities, etc)
  • reviewing/refining Program Plan and Schedule (IMP/IMS)
  • drafting/reviewing a Risk Management Plan
  • establishing a mutual understanding of current program status
  • establishing a mutual understanding and interpretation of the contract, work to be done and how changes to the contract shall be managed and controlled
  • defining contract deliverables content and schedule expectations
  • exploring any issues that need clarification
  • developing points of contact list
  • identifying contractor’s best practices and their applications
  • defining how the contractor and government shall work as a team (e.g. resolving issues)
  • review and agree on action items

Rather than spending a day glad-handing and eating donuts in traditional Post Award Conference (PAC) fashion, our Program Startup Workshop (PSW) is a comprehensive, structured and methodical approach to conducting a contract “kick off”, and includes all the mandated pieces of a PAC and more. The PSW establishes a foundation for success by educating members of the team on effective program startup actions, producing key program startup products, and laying the first pieces of the foundation for an environment of trust, collaboration, teamwork and communication.

At the end of the PSW, the “team” will walk away with expectation alignment in the following areas: IBR roadmap, IMP/IMS clarity, required assumptions, Risk Management Plan, how to manage and control changes to the contract, POC’s, list of issues that need clarity, lessons learned and their application to this effort. They will review a draft team charter, identify team interfaces, and plan for information exchange. The end state will be shared perspectives on program goals, business processes and intended outcomes; beginnings of a positive environment of trust; a solid plan for moving forward; consistency of program execution; reduced project risk; sharing of best practices; and an increased probability of program success.

With a little effort and forethought, this Program Startup Workshop ensures the contractual requirements for a PAC are more than addressed, and the structured approach provides your entire team the opportunity to step off smartly (and all in the same direction).