Program and Project Support

The resources and expertise needed to guarantee your success

The Shackleton Group Team provides the engineering, technical, logistical and administrative support required to support your team. We have an in-depth experience base that provides you, our client, with support across the full spectrum of planning, initiation and the execution phases of product development at the team, project and program levels. We can rapidly assemble a highly skilled group of professionals who possess a diverse experience base with an intimate knowledge of everything from operations through acquisitions.

We provide you with the Subject Matter Experts you require to fully meet the needs of your program. You will have direct access to our well established network with numerous companies, providing you the immediate capability and depth of technical and operational experience you seek. Our management and education of our Contract Service Support personnel is aimed at continuously ensuring our employees fully understand the requirement for remaining dedicated to supporting you while maintaining strict compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulations. Shackleton Group continuously seeks to become an integral part of your team, and will always be good and ethical stewards of your resources as well as the trust and confidence you place in us.