Organizational Assessment & Development

A Customized Compass to Organizational Success

Organizations are made up of people; therefore organizations will develop and change constantly, with or without the input and guidance from leadership.  Continuous development occurs as a natural byproduct in the evolution of every organization.  It will either be guided by a deliberate leadership strategy that targets desired results, or it will occur on its own, and likely in ways counter to your vision.

Assessing and developing organizations are leadership tasks frequently avoided due to basic misconceptions of how to do them, or because it is a distraction from real work.  Until someone invents an autopilot function for an organization, the leader’s role will always be like that of the pilot: making continuous adjustments to the aircraft to safely navigate from departure to destination.  Like the pilot maintaining airspeed, altitude and heading; and keeping the aircraft in balanced flight; this tool points you toward your Strategy, Structure, People and Leadership, and describes how to maintain organizational balance.  This approach to Organizational Assessment & Development and our associated tools will reveal where you need to make adjustments, and help you determine how to make those adjustments with the specific purpose of achieving your organization’s bottom line objectives.

Organizational Assessment & Development Executive Summary