Rapid Response Planning

Securing the Competitive Edge

For decades the United States Marine Corps has applied the concept of Rapid Response Planning and Execution with enormous operational success. Recognizing the need for a force that is postured and ready to respond anywhere, anytime, and to a variety of circumstances on short notice, the Marines developed several specific mission templates that can be executed globally by any of their teams with predictable and definitive results. Companies, government agencies, sports teams, and a host of other organizations can realize similar results not only in averting a potential crisis, but more importantly capitalizing on extraordinary opportunities by anticipating and then preparing for them. Ensuring your organization’s ability to respond rapidly and effectively mandates an established and proven plan. Shackleton Group provides a team of experienced Marine Corps Officers who have extensive experience successfully exercising these concepts in a host of challenging environments to include the military, commercial companies and government agencies. As consultants they are well versed in the art of Rapid Response Facilitation and will ensure your team successfully identifies, evaluates and ultimately establishes your own organizational Rapid Response Plan.

Rapid Response Planning Executive Summary