Products & Services

Shackleton Group offers its clients a tailored approach to navigating change that can modify the very culture of your organization. We will help you develop an environment where high performance flourishes and employees excel because they are the architects of their own solutions. Shackleton Group will collaborate with your team and provide the tools necessary to harness the single most competitive advantage in the marketplace today: the focused, collective power of your people.

Creating High Performance

Shackleton Group focuses on three critical elements in helping you assess and develop a strategy for creating high performance in your organization, Strategy, Structure and Behavior. We believe that within your organization lies the knowledge, experience and solutions to most of your challenges. Shackleton Group brings the experience and a facilitative approach that will unveil those solutions while building effective strategies that develop trust, solution focus, speaking with a single voice, empowerment, and ultimately a foundation of high performance where you are designed to succeed as a team.

Systems Navigation

Navigating the acquisitions maze in the government and commercial arenas can be frustrating to organizations who have either little experience or understanding of these complex systems. Shackleton group will accelerate the capabilities of your organization by leveraging off of our own knowledge and experience in this field. Our senior consultants have decades of combined experience in the military, defense and industry acquisition components. Their skills range from those of officers and program managers, to acquisition consultants and Industry contractors. Shackleton Group provides invaluable consulting at the executive, operational and program levels of your organization. We can help guide your company from strategic planning through programmatic planning and concept development . Systems navigation, is not about having the answer at your fingertips, rather it is about knowing the challenging waters of commercial and government acquisitions and navigating our clients to the solution.


Today’s marketplace demands that organizations maintain the flexibility to rapidly respond to your client’s needs as well as your own internal challenges. A foundational piece of the solution lies in establishing a culture of continuous improvement. A learning environment creates a cycle of continuous improvement by leveraging the talents, skills, knowledge and experience of your people. It also leverages those of your teams, industry and your organization as a whole. Shackleton Group will help you define and tailor your learning needs, allowing you to effectively harness and manage critical knowledge across the leadership, execution and support components of your company while continuing to develop and sustain high performance within your people, and organization.

Aviation Acquisition

Shackleton Group provides acquisition planning consulting services for businesses seeking to start up or expand their aviation capabilities. We will assist you in defining your corporate needs, conduct the necessary research and analysis, and provide you with recommended courses of action from which to choose in the continued execution of your plan. Our analysis and recommended courses of action focus on clearly defining required capabilities and understanding total life cycle cost in order to maximize the return on your investment. Shackleton Group will help you acquire the right equipment for your needs the first time.

Training Systems Integration

Shackleton Group provides the talent, experience and industry network necessary to design and integrate high fidelity training systems. Our systems approach to training begins at system design and development of acquisition packages, and continues through integration services that include full program management of the system being developed. Shackleton Group’s unique integration concept allows you to build a world-class training system in nearly half the time and at significantly reduced cost while dramatically increasing human performance and return on investment. Our approach provides you a clear competitive advantage that demonstrates significant reduction in aircraft program total life cycle cost.